Seem ironic that DY posted this article on Thursday October 20th? The day before half the east coast went down?

Similar to what happened with Krebs?

Details on DyDNS attack

Great Article from, details around yesterdays attacks.

“The DDoS attack force included 50,000 to 100,000 internet of things (IoT) devices such as cameras and DVRs enslaved in the Mirai botnet, as well as an unknown number of other devices that are parts of other botnets, says Dale Drew, CTO of Level 3. He theorizes the mastermind behind the attack hired multiple botnets to compile the number wanted for the attacks.”

Details on Mirai from NetworkWorld

My Take

My take, hackers are finding new ways every day to attack us.  Now the devices we are connecting to the network(toasters, thermostats, etc.) to provide value…are now being used against us. As an industry we need to get better at implementing security best practices. Don’t hear me wrong…I don’t think security best practices will solve everything…but helps shrink the avenues hackers can leverage. Great basic lesson and example in this story…Security 101, let’s change our default passwords.

Interested to learn more about the attacks from yesterday. Crazy world.