For clients on-prem, Cisco Umbrella applies protection and reporting based on your public IP address. In a Meraki world, if your public IP changes there is no built-in way for Meraki to update Umbrella. To solve this, I found a really cool python script on GitHub.

With this script, you can query your Meraki network for active public IP addresses(via the API). Next, the IP address data is imported to a free cloud service called DNS-O-Matic(  DNS-O-Matic will then notify Cisco Umbrella of any public IP address changes.

This python script is relatively simple to run, a few things to call out…

1.Your password for DNS-O-Matic must end in a letter or number

2.Your Meraki username must have API access to all organization association with the account.

Check out my video below to learn more and see the script in action.

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