Over the last year, I was introduced to a really cool open-source tool called Guacamole.Pretty funny name huh? It’s pretty much a HTML5 web based KVM with a central repository of all rdp, vnc, ssh, telnet resources.

I try to keep my sandbox, lab and home networks isolated. My workstation usually resides on my home network. To simplify remote access, I access the Guacamole web app that is hosted on my Ubuntu server.The Ubuntu server only has access to 3389/SSH into my sandbox and lab networks. Guacamole offers two factor support…for all you security people out there. General disclosure use at your own risk 🙂

Great how-to blog post on installing and configuring Guacamole.

Few notes of interest..
1.Settings for Server 2012
“hostname: (as appropriate)
username: (as appropriate)
password: (as appropriate)
domain: (as appropriate)
color depth: True color (24-bit)
security mode: NLA (Network Level Authentication)
Ignore server certificate: ticked”

2.Main menu – After you login into one rdp session, you might want to open other tabs, navigate to the below link for a listing of all resources.

3.I haven’t setup two factor yet…this post might be helpful