Meraki Network Access Control

Check out the following videos to learn more about Meraki Network Access Control.

You can use the Meraki network to identify who is the user and  allow them access only to the resources they need. To implement NAC you only need a Meraki network and a radius server, no extra licensing required! The radius server can be a  free linux radius server, Cisco ISE, Windows 2012 R2 etc.

1.Meraki NAC Overview

2.Meraki NAC on Wireless Network

3. Meraki NAC on Wired Network

Useful links

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3.If you need to create your own self signed cert for Server 2012

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5.Creating and applying group policies

6.Configure 802.1 authentication with NPS and Meraki Wired Network

7.Dynamic vlan assignment Meraki Wired Network

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9.Configure Windows 7 client for Wired 802.1x authentication